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Boss of Lumedyne, Inc.

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Lumedyne History

In 1968 a professional wedding photographer named Bill Vogt, (who was also an electronics engineer during the week) had demonstrated his ability to "customize or rebuild" flashes that were beyond what was available at the time.  By 1972, he had established a garage business of selling flashes to knowledgeable photographers who needed more than average...

Lumedyne Services

Hello from Florida, How can we help you? We build custom products for photographers who have special needs but often our wide range of modular components can already provide the quality products needed by demanding photographers worldwide. We service what we sell and we strive to keep obsolescence from making old products less feasible to use than they...

Lumedyne, Inc.

Lumedyne, Inc. is a USA family owned and operated business for over 40 years.  We are proud to produce and procure all of the items we can from USA sources and we value quality and service above advertising and price-point.  DJ LaDez is our Managing Director but he prefers the simple title of "Boss".  We...

I Love my X

I admit that I am having a love affair with my X. Finally an X that gives me something back... DJ...

It really works

The Lumedyne X, Flash Recycle Accelerator is the result of several years of research and development.  It is largely the brain-child of our Engineer, Dan Galloway, who spent countless hours developing and testing the prototypes and various batteries and charging systems.  The resulting performance to size ratio of the Lumedyne X is unmatched worldwide.  We...

Welcome to our new “X” Website

  Hello from Florida, We have just begun a new chapter in smaller and lighter power sources for your on camera flash.  We also have just built this new web site.  There may be some errors or omissions however we do stand behind our professional flash products as we have for over 40 years.  Please contact us...

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