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X for Canon™

The Lumedyne “X” is able to double (or more) the flashes per charge of the flash’s internal AA’s while also cutting the recycle time of all settings about in half.  The Lumedyne model number that fits the Canon™ style flashes is the VXCA.  All chargers and charge cables are included.  No additional cables, brackets or adapters are needed.

Once you connect the “X” to your flash, then turn it On, the flash simply recycles much faster than with the AA’s alone.  The flash will perform all of its normal functions the same as before.  The “X” Flash Recycle Accelerator will help with the recycling after every flash.  When you are finished, just turn it Off and unplug it from your flash.  Recharge it later from your home or vehicle. 

The Canon™ style flashes have a high voltage connector on the side of the flash.  It is covered with a rubber cover that can be pulled open and folded out of the way.  The Canon™ brand flashes that have a similar high voltage connection include the 430EZ, MR14-EX, MT24-EX, 480G, 540EZ, 550EX, 580EX, 580EX-II, and the new 600EX-RT.

Some other brands of flash use a very similar connection including the Nissin™ flashes model numbers Di866II, and mg8000 for Canon™.  These may also have their flash accelerated by using a VXCA in the same manner.  However, the high voltage connection is further up on the side of the flash and is also covered with a rubber cover that fits closely with the design of the flash.  There are other brands of flashes that have also emulated this connection.  As they are tested and evaluated, they will be listed separately, however, it is very likely that they will also work fine.  If you have one of these other flashes and have already tested it, please let us know at the factory by phone or email.

Some Canon™ brand flashes and perhaps others have a menu option designed to help the AA batteries last longer when you are using a high voltage pack.  The feature turns off the flash’s own recycle circuit when it senses a high voltage connection is available.  This feature is NOT recommended with the “X” because it is made to assist your flash’s existing recycling and would be very slow if it was doing all of the recycle work on it’s own.  Please refer to the Custom Function Menu in your flash’s instruction book for more information about this feature in your flash.  You do want the flash to recycle normally, you also want the “X” to assist it and thus make it recycle faster.  The AA batteries in your flash will automatically last longer, because, about half of the recycle work is done by the “X”.

Click here for GENERAL INFORMATION or DETAILED INFORMATION about the “X”.  For pricing and availability of the VXCA Canon™ style Flash Accelerator in your area go to the SHOP ONLINE page where you can also buy it now.  For more information that is not featured here or for direct questions regarding the VXCA, email Lumedyne directly. 

If you want to have even faster recycling and more flashes per charge with your Canon™ style flash (or other brands), check out our HV Cyclers at our main website and use a Lumedyne VCCZ HV Cable or Quantum™ Turbo™ CZ Cable to connect any of a wide variety of Lumedyne Cyclers to your flash.  Even though the Cyclers are all larger than the “X”, they have more than 25 years of reputation for high voltage recycling, very high performance standards and very long term warranties.