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The X makes your flash twice as fast

These are the real averages from several brands and models tested.

The Lumedyne “X” Flash Recycle Accelerator assists your on-camera flash to recycle about twice as fast as it would with the four AA batteries alone.  It plugs into the high voltage connection on your flash to provide power only during recycling.X-wNikon1


The “X” is the world’s smallest HV Pack and is only 0.6 by 1.7 by 2.8 inches (13x38x65mm) plus the size of the connector.  The “X” is also the world’s lightest HV Pack and weighs in at a remarkable 2.7 ounces (84g).  Only the Lumedyne “X” will plug directly into the HV connector on your flash without needing any cable at all.  The Lumedyne “X” has two full years of guaranteed performance.


When you use an “X” to assist your flash during the recycling, the AA batteries inside the flash will last about twice as long and perhaps much longer.


The real advantage of the “X” is its very small size and weight.  It is true that the Lumedyne Cyclers and other brands of HV Packs do recycle the flash even faster than the “X”.  However, the “X” makes the flash perform much better than AA’s alone and it does not require you to wear the battery pack and attach it to your flash with a HV Cable.  Even the other brands of HV Packs that attach to the camera or bracket are much larger and heavier than the “X”.


There are two models currently available which are different because of the connector that plugs into the flash.  One fits the side of Canon™ style flashes while the other fits the front of Nikon™ style flashes.

Because some aftermarket brands of flashes have used similar shaped high voltage connectors, they may also be used with the “X”.  These brands include some flashes from Nissin™ and Triopo™ and there are other brands as well.  We have tested the “X” with these brands and while each has its own performance characteristics, the operation is just as simple in all cases.  Please contact Lumedyne if you own a flash with a different style of HV connection.X-wTriopo1


The “X” uses a 1500mAh Lithium battery to provide years of exceptional performance.  It fully recharges in about 3 hours and has no memory effect so it can be topped off at any point with either of the included chargers.  It even refuses a charge cycle if it is already fully charged which helps the battery live longer.

Our performance warranty, which includes the battery’s performance, is for two full years.  When the performance of the battery has dropped by just 25%, you are eligible for a fresh battery to be installed.  If that happens within the first two years, you get the new battery installed for free, you just pay for shipping.  You should expect over 500 charge cycles from your “X” before it needs a new Lithium battery.  Even after the warranty, the battery can be quickly replaced by one of many Authorized Lumedyne Service Centers worldwide or at the factory in Florida for a small fraction of the price to replace the whole “X”.


Lumedyne is the only company in the photographic industry that actually guarantees the performance of the internal battery for two full years.


Each “X” is packaged with a dual USB style International AC Charger and a dual USB style Vehicle Charger both rated for up to an amp each output.  These chargers can also simultaneously be used to charge most other electronics with USB style charge cables, including a second “X”.  There are also one short and one long USB MICRO-B cable included with each “X”.  While the battery inside the “X” should have similar capacity to most AA’s in your flash, the “X” can be recharged or topped off at any time.  The “X” holds its charge level for a very long time.  The “X” will automatically NOT take a charge if it is not needed, so that you will not waste even one of the hundreds of charge cycles that the Lithium battery offers.


The “X” is designed to assist your flash with the job of recycling the internal capacitor that holds the flash’s power.  The “X” does not make your flash any brighter, just faster.  The “X” does not assist with the low voltage features of your flash which are still fully powered by the on-camera flash’s internal AA’s.  The “X” does not affect the features or communication of your flash and camera.  Simply plug it in to your flash and turn it on, and your flash will perform faster and go longer before you need to change or charge your flash’s AA’s.


The “X” is very simple to operate.  If you press the power button (in the middle of our logo) for a moment, it displays the battery level as a red or green indication.  The center of the X on the display will light up.  The battery light is green about 2/3 of the time and warns you with the red color in the last 1/3 of the charge.


When you hold the power button down for three seconds or more, it will turn the “X” On or Off.  When the “X” is On, the battery indicator (center of the X on the display) stays lit to show you that it’s ready to go.


While you are using the “X”, the battery light shows you more about the battery level by gradually turning more red during the recycling as the battery runs down.  Then, when the light is staying red, you know that the “X” is in the lowest 1/3 of its charge.  You can use it until it shuts Off automatically, or turn it Off by holding the power button for three seconds.

Most flashes have a sleep mode.  If the flash goes to sleep, the “X” will still have a normal stand-by loss maintained fully by the “X” because the “X” does not sleep until it is turned Off.  This is also true while the flash is turned completely off.  So, if you are not using your flash deliberately for extended periods, then also turn the “X” Off.


To recharge the “X”, use one of the included USB cables and just plug it into either of the Lumedyne chargers (AC Power or Vehicle) that are included with the “X”.  Then, the center of the X on the display will light up blue during the charging.  The blue light will flash to indicate a charging problem, and it turns off when the battery is full.  The blue light will not light up if the battery is already full when you try to start a charge.


The Lithium battery is protected with three safety circuits and so you do not need to worry about any unusual maintenance.  The “X” will stop charging on it’s own and will last many months of stand by before even needing a short top off recharge.  The battery is rated for over 500 charge cycles so a photographer using it three times per week should expect over three years of consistent reliable performance before recycling their old battery with a new one at one of our Authorized Service Centers.


The “X” has several internal safety mechanisms for the high voltage and the Lithium battery inside of it.  These are all automatic and self-resetting so that in most cases you may not know it ever had an issue.  If it stops working, all you should have to do, in case of any “worst case” failure, is to simply recharge the “X” and it should go back to functioning normally again.


The “X” is NOT water resistant and should not be used in wet environments and never should be submerged in any liquid.  Sand and other debris should be kept out of the charge jack and the high voltage flash connector.


There are NO user replaceable or serviceable parts inside the “X” and you should never attempt to open it.  Along with the Lithium battery inside, the circuit produces over 300 volts of high voltage (normally intended for your flash) but would be very harmful if contacted by a person or tool.  In any case where you question the integrity of your “X” (and we don’t mean your “ex” we understand about their integrity) then please send the “X” immediately to an Authorized Service Center.  If you have further questions, you can contact Lumedyne directly from the contact information on that page or EMAIL us here.