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Warranty and Service

If you want to reach the Repair Department then:

Email Service@Lumedyne.com

Or Fax 1-727-841-0000

Or Call 1-727-847-5394

Or Call 1-800-LUMEDYNE

That’s      (800-586-3396)

Mail to or ship your stuff to:

Lumedyne, Inc.
6010 Wall St.
Port Richey, FL 34668  USA
Attn: Repair Department

We are proud to build the highest quality products possible here in the United States of America.  We test everything thoroughly and assure you of a long and trouble-free product lifespan.  We work with high quality parts and buy American made components whenever possible.  We do not scrimp on quality in order to put a few extra dollars in our pockets; we build the best possible product, period.

In the event that you have any trouble with your Lumedyne product during the first two years of service, it is generally covered under warranty.  This does not include major mishaps like crushing it with your car, submerging it in liquid (or getting it wet in any way) or otherwise “damaging” it through any sort of significant accident.  We do guarantee that if you don’t destroy it from the outside, the insides should keep working correctly for two years.  You’re only responsible for the shipping and the repair is FREE in the first two years including guaranteed battery performance replacements.  Many camera stores will assist you in returning an item to the factory if you purchased it from that store, so that is a real advantage for buying locally.

Only the Lumedyne performance warranty also includes a guarantee that your battery will perform consistently for at least the first two years and must be within 25% of its new capacity for us to consider it a passing battery for the full warranty period of two years.  After two years the cost to replace the battery is a small fraction of the cost of replacing the whole “X”.  At any age, once you replace the battery we warranty the battery’s performance again for another full year.=

Once an item is beyond its warranty period, we strive to keep repair costs low so that repairing an item is far more cost effective than replacing the item.  This is especially true if you do not need to repair the item often over a very long lifespan.  Most of the equipment that Lumedyne has built, in over 40 years, is still in service.

Contact Lumedyne or an Authorized Service Center in your area for more information or if you have further questions.  However, we will most likely ask you to send the questionable item(s) into us for evaluation.  An evaluation costs only $10 per item but receives the same post repair warranties as a repair, (30 days full warranty and 90 days on components actually repaired).  That is well worthwhile if you feel that your product is not acting correctly.  When there are complex questions or irregular or occasional problems, we will likely ask you to send all of the relevant parts back for evaluation or repair

In all cases, you should include a letter with:

  • Your Name
  • Your Studio Name or Business Name
  • Your phone number (either cell or daytime number)
  • Your email address (for confirmations and estimates, and later receipts and package tracking information)
  • Your billing address and your shipping address
  • You should describe the nature of your concern or problem even if it seems obvious.  You should describe what happened.
  • You should tell us if you have an important time schedule (we try to be quick anyway, but let us know right from the start).
  • If you believe that your item is under warranty, it is a good idea to send a copy of your proof of purchase.  That is not needed if you have returned your warranty registration card at the time of your purchase.

You should NOT put your credit card information inside the package or on the letter that you send.  You can share that information with us more securely by dividing the information between a couple of emails directly with our service department or a simple phone call.  You will not be charged until the work is completed and the item is shipping back to you.

We understand photography and the job of being a professional.  We do not like it when any gear breaks down while we are shooting at a live event.  We do sympathize with you because we have experienced failures just at the wrong time too.  There really is no good time for a professional product to fail.  Of course we recommend back-up equipment, (No, we did not have our back-ups readily available when our malfunctions happened either, so we speak from experience).  It is always frustrating and inconvenient.  We can only hope, that our polite and cost effective repair service will keep you satisfied for several more years.

In addition to the Lumedyne factory in Florida, the following repair centers have been trained and are now Authorized Repair Centers for the Lumedyne “X”.  Should you wish to get your “X” serviced at one of these locations, follow these links to their websites for the best information about contacting them directly.

Lumedyne, Inc. (The Factory) in Florida, USA

Camtech near Amsterdam, Netherlands