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If you still have not found the answers that you are looking for, we recommend that you contact us at Lumedyne, Inc. directly.  You can EMAIL us for more information or call us on the telephone (we even have a human being answer the phone during our business hours between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. EST).  In North America you can call 1-800-LUMEDYNE, otherwise call 1-727-847-5394.  You can leave a message there after hours and we will call you back.

The “X” Flash Recycle Accelerator is a high voltage oscillating circuit and Lithium battery combination that assists your on-camera flash with the main chore of recycling after each flash.  It is designed to be extremely small and lightweight.  It is not intended to take the place of a mega fast recycling HV Cycler for the paparazzi photographers (oops, I mean, “red carpet shooters”).  However, it is intended to make your on-camera flash recycle about twice as fast as normal and to help your flash’s AA batteries last about twice as long and often much further.

The X makes your flash twice as fast

These are the real averages from several brands and models tested.

The actual effect of the “X” is minimized when your AA’s are fresh and fully charged.  In our tests with Energizer™ brand batteries, with and without the “X”, the full power recycle was between 30% and 60% of the time compared to AA’s alone, while the AA’s were fresh.  The “X” assists the flash much more as the AA’s start to run down. 

For example: With a Nikon™ SB-800 using the AA’s alone, the recycle time started at about 6 seconds.  The recycle time after 50 flashes was over 8 seconds and after 100 flashes was over 12 seconds and the batteries were finished by about 150 flashes.  Some of the flashes went out to almost 30 seconds recycle time as the AA’s ran low.  

However, with the “X” helping; the full power recycle time started at 3 seconds and after 50 flashes was still only 4 seconds and at 150 flashes only 6 seconds and at about 300 full power flashes the recycle time was finally getting to over 10 seconds.

That proves the effectiveness of the “X” is significant and really made a difference in the consistency of the performance of the flash over hundreds of flashes.  Plus, it far out-performed our guaranteed claims.  Even on the newest, fastest and most powerful flashes, the starting effect of using the “X” was less dramatic but the final lasting effects throughout the whole battery charge was still far faster on average than twice as fast as the AA’s alone. 

Some flashes like the Triopo™ models we tested took about 15 seconds to recycle with fresh AA batteries alone, but took less than 5 seconds with the “X”.  In all cases, the recycle time was much faster and averaged at least twice as fast and the AA’s lasted at least twice as long.  We did not use their AA recycle time alone in the chart above because it was disproportionate with all of the name brand flashes we tested.  The recycle times when used with the X were included in the average.

Remember that our high voltage recycling assistance only connects directly to the main capacitors and does not provide any of the normal 6 volt power needs for the computer, power reflector, communication, IR focus assist, display and back light or other low voltage components.  Also remember that we cannot claim or validate how many flashes in a minimum time period that your flash can handle before overheating, so please understand that we do not guarantee your flash. 

This HV pack is safer than the faster ones with the idea that it’s not quite as fast and so will not tempt you to shoot quite as fast as with our full powered Cycler line.  With that being stated, you will find that less heat develops in the flash, especially the heat from the AA’s themselves when you use an “X” to assist the recycling.

We have built in several safety mechanisms that protect the “X” in the event of an error or a trouble situation.  We believe that the “X” is photographer proof, (other than not being water resistant).  The X has a full two year warranty and can ONLY be repaired by the Authorized Service Centers whether in or out of warranty.  There are no user repairable parts inside the “X”.  Do NOT open the “X” because it is dangerous inside.  If it does not return to normal working function simply by recharging the unit, it needs to be sent to a Service Center to have the magic smoke reloaded inside of it.  Do not attempt to eat the “X”, it’s the wrong type of Lithium and would taste really bad.  Do not dispose of the “X” in the garbage, trash or any fire, it should be returned to Lumedyne or an Authorized Dealer or Service Center for recycling. (But, why would you ever dispose of it?  A replacement battery is a small fraction of the cost of replacing the whole “X”)

The entire “X” is guaranteed to perform for two full years. 

That includes the integrity of the case and connector from normal use, all of the electronics should function correctly and the battery will perform within 25% of as well as it did when it was brand new throughout those two years.  Most customers can expect a far greater lifespan than two years from the internal Lithium battery but beyond two years there is a fixed cost for battery replacement.  Replacement batteries also feature an extra full year of performance warranty.  Frankly, we believe that you will be satisfied with a battery that lasts for a few years before needing a reasonable priced replacement.  Contact an Authorized Service Center for current pricing of the battery cell replacement. 

Our warranty does cover the electronics, connector and the case also for 2 full years.  The warranty does not cover deliberate destruction such as smashing it with a hammer, an axe or any other implements of destruction, such behavior should be avoided and could be dangerous.


The included AC Charger and Vehicle Charger each have two outputs rated up to 1 amp each so that you can charge two “X” products from one Charger or your “X” and another USB charging device (including high energy devices like an Apple™ iPad™).  The appropriate USB cable for your device will be required.  The “X” actually only draws 0.5 amp of power (500mA) from the Charger and while we accept the possibility that some other chargers might work fine or that your computer might charge the “X” fine, there is a remote chance that something could go wrong.  So, officially, we say: You can ONLY use the Lumedyne USB Chargers to charge your “X”.   Also, while we do state that the power capabilities of these USB chargers can handle devices needing up an amp of power, we cannot make any claims about your other brands of products and offer no warranty express or implied for any other brand of product.


The AC Charger is fully international because it is both an American style, dual output, USB Charger and is included with an international AC plug adapter.  The AC Charger can run fine at any AC power level in the world.  The plug adapter portion of the AC Charger is not required in the USA but works fine if you wish.  Plus, the plug adapter portion can also adapt all foreign plugs to all other foreign plugs (without any power level conversion, just a universal every-style plug adapter).


The details about the “X” follow in the charts below.  The size is given without regard to the high voltage flash connector that sticks out of the side by about a half inch ( about 12 mm) on one side of the product.  When looking at the top (“X” label side) of the product, the Canon™ style VXCA has the connector on the left while the Nikon™ style has the connector on the right.  The charge jack, power button and battery indicator always remain in the same places for both models.  The product weight is the actual weight of the “X” alone.  However, the shipping weight includes the “X”, both chargers, both charge cables, and instructions all included inside the product box plus a small 6 inch outer shipping box and packing materials. 

OK, now, are you ready for the raw data?


Lumedyne “X” Details USA denomination Metric denomination
Product Size 1.77 x 3.524 x .736  inches   45 x 89.5 x 18.7  mm
Packaging Size in box 4 x 4 x 4 inches 102 x 102 x 102 mm
Product Weight   2.7 oz   (0.225 lbs)   83.98 gm
Shipping Weight  12 oz   (1 lb)   373.24 gm
Charging Input 0.5 amps (500mA) at 5 volts DC as standard USB MICRO-B style charge jack
Battery Details 1500mA Lithium Ion rechargeable battery

Three levels of battery protection including:

1) Seiko BMS for general over voltage or under voltage conditions as well as over current conditions

2) Triple battery charging protection from Linear Tech

3) Battery temperature and voltage conditions must be within tolerance – don’t worry, that is any temperature range that you can stand to be in for sure

Two year original purchase performance warranty

Only replaceable at Authorized Service Centers

Lithium Battery Product RegulationsDOT and FAA approved without permits, special labeling or extra paperwork based on UN1398 Lithium Ion Section II 967. 

Lithium Battery Warnings:

This is where I must tell you that because this product has a Lithium battery similar to a cell phone, it is also as dangerous as your other common electronics.  Please read their warnings and disclosures as closely as you read the “X”’s because it is real.  However, if you avoid driving a spike through the middle of your product, completely demolishing it, opening it, putting it in a fire, or anything similar, then you should be safe. However, we are told that there are ways to really make these Lithium batteries dangerous under very strange conditions (like being in a fireplace while it is lit) so in all cases we want you to be safe.  Lumedyne has built three levels of battery protection to avoid lawsuits (oops, I meant, to protect you).  These circuits may require being put back on charge to reset in the unlikely event that they are activated.  One of the normal protections is for when the battery gets down to the lowest safe voltage: it simply stops working.  It is normal then for it to “completely shut down with no indicators” until it’s put back on charge.  Should any form of error occur that causes a shut down, plugging the “X” in to charge even for just a moment should always be an instant reset for every situation.  The battery may also need a full charge but should go back to functioning normally upon recharge.

  If you suspect anything weird about your battery including excessive heat or low performance please contact Lumedyne immediately. 

High Voltage Output: The high voltage output into your flash is set to about 320 volts DC and is at a moderate current level.  This is the correct voltage for a fully charged capacitor in your on-camera flash but is not intended for any other purpose. 


Problem Solution
The “X” does not turn on after holding the power button down for more than 3 seconds (Assuming that you really counted “1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, and 3 Mississippi” because 3 seconds seems like a really long time while you are waiting)    Try simply plugging the “X” in to charge with one of the Lumedyne USB style Chargers and the Charge Cable provided. 

After even a short period on charge, normal functions should return.  It is highly recommended that you immediately recharge the “X” fully by leaving it plugged in for up to three hours.  When it’s full, the blue light under the X will turn back off while it’s still connected to the Charger.    If the “X” is already fully charged, it will reset but may not light the blue charging light since it does not need to start a charge cycle.  


You tried the above solution and it did not work at all or the problem came right back afterwards; this is when you contact Lumedyne.  However, we will be telling you to send it in to an Authorized Service Center so that it can be repaired.  If it is less than two years old the repair is FREE.  If it is more than two years old we will try to keep the repair cost reasonable and the turn around very quick.  

As far as what you should do with your “X”, it’s simple… Step 1, plug the “X” in to charge.  Step 2, when it’s ready, plug the “X” into your flash and turn it On.  Enjoy the faster recycling and longer AA battery life. Step 3, when you’re done or it is too low, turn it Off, then repeat step one.  

I hope that helps.  Otherwise EMAIL us with your questions.