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The new “X” Flash Recycle Accelerator is the latest innovation in the photographic industry for assisting your on-camera flash to recycle about twice as fast and twice as many times as it does with your AA batteries alone.   Two models are available to recycle Nikon™ or Canon™ style flashes including brands like Nissin™ and Triopo™ as well as several other similar on-camera flashes.

The VXCA is made to fit Canon™ style flashes and mounts on the side of the flash.  The VXNA is made to fit Nikon™ style flashes and mounts on the front of the flash.

(With the Nissin™ brand of flashes, both “X” models mount to the side of the flash and the style is determined by the camera brand affiliation so the Canon™ version uses the VXCA while the Nikon™ version uses the VXNA.)

If you use another brand of flash which has a high voltage connector on it for connecting products like the Lumedyne Cyclers or Quantum™ Turbo™ or their own brand of HV pack, then please EMAIL us with your brand and model of flash so that we know that there is market potential to introduce a new version for your brand.


The “X” makes your on-camera flash recycle about twice as fast as normal with any power setting or mode.  Then the AA batteries will only do about half of the recycle work.  That’s why the AA’s will last about twice as long as they normally would.

You can use any style or brand of AA’s that you prefer but remember that they are still providing all of the power to the computer chips, display, power reflector and other low voltage features.

The “X” simply assists in the high voltage recycle process to make it faster and more efficient for your flash’s AA’s.  This also naturally lowers the heat produced by those batteries inside your flash unit helping to prevent overheating with the same rate of firing your flash.  Of course, flashing it faster than you could without the “X”, will create more heat at the front of the flash.


The “X” is the smallest and lightest high voltage recycling product in the world.


The “X” has the longest performance warranty of any other brand of HV Pack.

In fact, look closely at the warranty from other brands, you will see that the performance is ONLY guaranteed when their products are new and the warranty period only covers “manufactures defects” and not actual performance after you use it for months or years.

The Lumedyne “X” has a full two year warranty including the guaranteed performance of the rechargeable Lithium battery!  Even after the warranty, the Lithium battery can be exchanged and recycled when needed at the factory in Florida or an Authorized Lumedyne Service Center for a small fraction of the cost of replacing the whole “X”.


Lumedyne, Inc has been manufacturing portable flash equipment for professional photographers for over 40 years.  Lumedyne flashes are all made in America, and since 1976, in our Florida factory.  We are proud to build and guarantee the best modular flash systems and high voltage flash recycling products in the world.  Lumedyne has manufactured high voltage recycling products longer than any other brand in the world.  We made our HV Cyclers for other brands of flashes before Canon™ had the 430-EZ or Nikon™ offered the SB-24.

If you are interested in faster and more powerful on-camera flash recycling options, check out the HV Cyclers page on our main website.

Lumedyne, Inc. is not affiliated with the other manufactures of the flash brands that are mentioned in this website.  Each mentioned brand of flash including Canon™, Nikon™, Nissin™, and Triopo™ are made by and for their respective corporations.  Quantum™ and their Turbo™ brand of products are also not affiliated with Lumedyne, Inc. even though our HV Cables are compatible between brands.   These companies do not endorse or support Lumedyne or any of our high voltage recycling products including the “X” or any of our high voltage Cyclers.  The Lumedyne Cyclers provide far more recycle power for your flash and they fit a wider variety of brands of flashes but they require an HV Cable to connect the flash to the Cycler.


Lumedyne has more experience recycling other brands of flashes than any other brand of HV Pack in the photographic industry.  Your flash has a limited duty cycle and you should not over exert the flash during use because Lumedyne does not guarantee how well your flash can handle rapid firing situations.  Many flashes have thermal protection circuits and you should consider the advantages of letting those features help protect your flash.  The Lumedyne products are built for professional use and are guaranteed to be photographer proof, just not waterproof.