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The new “X” Flash Recycle Accelerator is the latest innovation in the photographic industry for assisting your on-camera flash to recycle about twice as fast and twice as many times as it does with your AA batteries alone. Two models are available to recycle Nikon™ or Canon™ style flashes including brands like Nissin™ and Triopo™ as well as several other similar on-camera flashes. The VXCA is made to fit Canon™ style flashes and mounts on the side of the flash. The VXNA is made to fit Nikon™ style flashes and mounts on the front of the flash. (With the Nissin™ brand of flashes, both “X” models mount to the side of the flash and the style is determined by the camera brand affiliation so the Canon™ version uses the VXCA while the Nikon™ version uses the VXNA.) If you use another brand of flash which has a high voltage connector on it for connecting products like the Lumedyne Cyclers or Quantum™ Turbo™ or their own brand of HV pack, then please EMAIL us with your brand and model of flash so that we know that there is market potential to introduce a new version for your brand.