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Lumedyne X VXCA with USB Chargers and Cables
$ 295.00 (USD)

VXCA is made to fit Canon™ style flashes and mounts on the side of the flash
The Lumedyne “X” is able to double (or more) the flashes per charge of the flash’s internal AA’s while also cutting the recycle time of all settings about in half. The Lumedyne model number that fits the Canon™ style flashes is the VXCA. All chargers and charge cables are included. No additional cables, brackets or adapters are needed.

The Canon flashes that are compatible with the X include the 430, 540, 550, 580EX and II, and the newest 600 series.  The Nissin™ brand of flashes which are made for Canon™ and have an HV jack are also compatible with the VXCA.

For more information that is not featured here or for direct questions regarding the VXCA, email Lumedyne directly.

Comes with:

VXCA Lumedyne Flash Recycle Accelerator for Canon™ style flashes

International Dual AC to USB Charger
Vehicle Dual USB Charger
2 USB Charge Cables