DJ LaDez:

The Lumedyne X, Flash Recycle Accelerator is the result of several years of research and development.  It is largely the brain-child of our Engineer, Dan Galloway, who spent countless hours developing and testing the prototypes and various batteries and charging systems.  The resulting performance to size ratio of the Lumedyne X is unmatched worldwide.  We offer faster and stronger HV Cyclers and have built such flash recyclers for longer than any company in the world.  However, the small size and weight and complete lack of cable is the real advantage of the X for today’s real world photographers.

Lumedyne guarantees what we claim about our products.  We are the only company in the photographic industry which will also guaranty battery performance for the full two years that everything else is covered.  Not just guaranteed to be free from manufacturer’s defects but actually guaranteed to work correctly.

It really does work that simple.  Plug it in, turn it on, and your Canon™ or Nikon™ style flash recycles faster and many more times per set of AA’s.

Just contact us if you have questions…

Thanks,  DJ


DJ LaDez Boss at Lumedyne, Inc.