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When you are working outdoors, you often need higher flash power. The X will help you recycle faster and get more flashes per charge at any power level.
There are two models of the Lumedyne X. The VXCA for Canon™ on the left and the VXNA for Nikon™ on the right.
The X is extremely lightweight and very small. It mounts directly to your flash and doesn't get in the way while it makes your flash recycle faster.
Lumedyne X with Canon™ 600 flash and camera. It's so small, it just plugs directly into the flash's HV jack on the side of the Canon™ flash.
Lumedyne X Flash Recycle Accelerator with Nikon™ flash and camera. The Nikon's have their HV jack on the front of the flash, so that's where the X plugs in.
The Lumedyne X helps your flash to recycle faster and get more flashes per charge. This is helpful when using long lenses has you standing further away.
Lumedyne X Flash Recycle Accelerator with Canon™ flash and camera. Yea, it looks a little funny at first, but every recycle being twice as fast is worth it.


The "X" makes your on-camera flash recycle about twice as fast as normal with any power setting or mode. Then the AA batteries will only do about half of the recycle work. That's why the AA's will last about twice as long as they normally would.


The "X" is the smallest and lightest high voltage recycling product in the world. The "X" has the longest performance warranty of any other brand of HV Pack. In fact, look closely at the warranty from other brands, you will see that the


The new "X" Flash Recycle Accelerator is the latest innovation in the photographic industry for assisting your on-camera flash to recycle about twice as fast and twice as many times as it does with your AA batteries alone. Two models are

Made in America

Lumedyne, Inc has been manufacturing portable flash equipment for professional photographers for over 40 years. Lumedyne flashes are all made in America, and since 1976, in our Florida factory. We are proud to build and guarantee the best modular flash systems and high voltage flash recycling products in the world. Lumedyne has manufactured high voltage recycling products longer than any other brand in the world. We made our HV Cyclers for other brands of flashes before Canon™ had the 430-EZ or Nikon™ offered the SB-24. If you are interested in faster and more powerful on-camera flash recycling options, check out the HV Cyclers page on our main website.


I admit that I am having a love affair with my X. Finally an X that gives me something back… DJ

DJ LaDez,
Boss at Lumedyne, inc.

The Lumedyne X, Flash Recycle Accelerator is the result of several years of research and development.  It is largely the brain-child of our Engineer, Dan Galloway, who spent countless hours developing and testing the prototypes and various batteries and charging systems.  The resulting performance to size ratio of the Lumedyne X is unmatched worldwide.  We offer faster and stronger HV Continue Reading

DJ LaDez,
Boss at Lumedyne, Inc.